5 new Facts about the New PS4 Controller

The Playstation brand is renowned for giving its gamers excellent experiences coupled with great online plans that award everyone with free games at month’s end. In addition, the brand is strong owing to the popularity of its super comfortable controller- variously referred to as the DualShock 4. And with the recently launched PS4, this means a new variation of the famed controller.

Take a look at 5 facts you need to know regarding the PS4 controller as follows:

1. Retains some similarities with its predecessor

The PS4 controller is somewhat similar to the DualShock 3 and retains a few features from its predecessor such as the recognizable face buttons (Square, Triangle, X-button, and Circle). However, the analog sticks, D-pad, the rumble feature, and R1/R2/L1/L2 triggers on the DualShock 4 come with noticeable improvements.

2. Has several improved features

  • The DualShock 4’s analog sticks, D-Pad, and R1/R2L1/L2 triggers feature remarkable improvements. For instance, the directional pad, which has always been a strength on PlayStation controllers, boasts a unified design similar to that of the PS Vita only that it is bigger and has a slightly more tactile finish. The response and depth of the pad also feels right i.e. not too mushy and not too clicky; not too shallow, not too deep.
  • The analog sticks of a ps4 controller have also been designed to feature a more tactile surface, an inside concave, and a slightly stiffer deadzone that should make it easier to maneuver the camera using small but precise movements. Much like the new textured grips, the revamped analog sticks are a clear improvement on their forerunners- the DualShock 2 and 3.
  • Lastly, the new R2 and L2 triggers feature less pressure resistance and a slightly ‘hooked’ design that make them the ideal fit for your itchy trigger fingers. Moreover, there is a new glossy texture around the large handles thus making this ps4 controller a bit snuggier than the slippery DualShock 3. However, its R1 and L1 buttons are almost identical to those of the PS3.

3. Features a touchpad

The DualShock 4 features a touchpad on its front, which is similar to that attached to the handheld PS Vita. Gamers will be able to use it during gameplay as they click on it or swipe it with their thumbs to coincide with what is going on the screen. This touchpad has the potential to perform numerous intricate motions as the software used continues to improve.

4. Features a share button

The share button is, arguably, one of the most important new features in the ps4 controller. This button is meant to facilitate the easier posting of video/photo content by gamers through the PS4 itself. While in the middle of a gaming session, you may click on the share button and instantly take snapshots or record whatever you are playing. Those gameplay photos and videos can then be uploaded and shared amongst gamers on online networks. Additionally, the shared content can also be posted on Ustream and Facebook.

5. A speaker and light bar comprise the controller

A light bar located at the top of the controller is the latest addition to the DualShock 4. It entails the use of four LEDs of various colors whose display is determined by what is happening in the game. For instance, the light bar may change color when your on-screen character happens to be low on health.

The newly incorporated speaker operates like the Wii’s remote control internal speaker by allowing gamers to hear in-game audio as it streams through. And thanks to internal vibration motors, the rumble feature is vastly improved. Gamers who prefer gaming with headsets will also be pleasantly surprised to discover that a headphone jack located at the controller’s bottom can easily facilitate this.In conclusion, the new ps4 controller is perfect to play.


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