Can Sony’s Upcoming VR Headset define Virtual Reality?

The PS4 has quickly become the console of choice for 8th gen gamers, and as the gap continues to grow, 2016 will bring a whole new challenge. As the PS4 has matured, the next major development will be incoming next year, currently named Project Morpheus. It’s hard to judge just how popular VR as a technology might be, after all, similar tech advancements were hyped to be game changers – take 3D TV as an example, yet it never has attracted the promised mass popularity. However, with that said, it’s hard not to imagine many wanting something that allows them to get ever closer to gameplay and realism.

With many VR headsets entering the market soon, it’s perhaps Microsoft’s HoloLens that Sony has its eyes on most, and for good reason. That’s generally because the others won’t involve 8th gen consoles. It will be yet another opportunity for Sony and Microsoft to attract gamers to their consoles.

As we learn more about the two offerings, it has become clear that Sony’s VR tech will focus entirley on gaming. Whereas Microsoft’s HoloLens will be an all-round device, kind of like the XBOX One itself.

From what we’ve seen so far, Sony will be the hands-down option. The real question is – will it have the mass appeal many believe VR will bring, or is it for a set few, a niche market? This question will be answered soon.

The game developers will also have a critical role to play. It’s important that players will be taken on a unique journey, providing them with a unique experience. Without this, it becomes a worthless technology.

It’s safe to say that if Sony follow the same direction and energy they have put into the PS4, then it’s a guaranteed winner.


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