Reasons Why Pure Hold’em is the only Quality Poker game available on PS4

Pure Hold’em is the third game in the Pure game series after Pure chess and Pure Pool. These games were also nominated for as Game of the Year awards in the simulation category too and Pure Chess also won last year. It is the first poker game in the Playstation 4 gaming arena. VooFoo Studios definitely have done a great job in in making the video games we play into realistic simulation games with mind-blowing graphics and surreal environment. After playing Pure Hold’em there is no doubt that you will feel as if you are playing the real game but sans the actual shuffling and bluffing.

Pure Hold'em World Poker Championships box

Game Pure Hold’em Poker
Developer VooFoo Studios
Publisher Ripstone
Release Date August 19, 2015


Here are the reasons Why Pure Hold’em is the best amongst the race

  • Different flairs for different players:

This is probably the only poker game available till now which provide six offline tables with full functionality on multiplayer tables, open ended and full-fledged tournament tables. The game offers offline gaming as well as live online tournaments best suited both for amatures to practice this enticing gamble or the real world straight face zombies to taste this blood. Cherry on top is a mini game named as High/Low which entices the players to guestimate the top and bottom card with the closest call win – very similar to “Play Your Cards Right”  one of the popular TV shows for the card masters. You can use this mini game to earn credits enabling you to bet your luck in the real league matches. The only limitation here is that, this is limited to only one free match per day or else additional 6,000 credits are required to play further advanced matches.

Single player game offers six tables with increasing level of skill or difficulty. As you increase to the advanced levels, you are required to use your earned credits to buy into games. Hence, playing most advanced level is not possible right at the beginning since the player will not have enough credits for the buy-in unless you are willing to shell some bucks and buy chips additionally eligible for the higher level gaming. Also, if your stars are on the darker side at the advanced level tables, it is highly likely that you will drain your credits back to the point until you’ve bought back in to increase your stakes again which mean spending some more handsome greenbacks.

However, the lower levels like the junior most joker’s table, the game play is free to play for your to get familiar and even earn credits some actual credits for the real game play as against winning hands every time. To stimulate practice alongside strengthen the game skills , the game offers variable credits for folding a hand on the right time when the player judges a losing bet, or builds up a pair, a sequence or even a straight. The game even offers few credits for simply playing a hand. This greatly helps in practicing and enhancing the good poker skills as the actual in-game money won’t matter apart from building up your score for higher credits.

  • Surreal Gaming Environment:

Much like any other PS4 series game and in pursuit of closer to reality gaming, both the tables and the cards have a great graphical presentation. My personal favorite in the game is that different tables have different set of cards, the ambiance, overall feel of the environment completely changes as you choose one of the many different tables according to your personal liking. This is a great supplement to keep the interest alive in every new bet depending upon the level of risk you want to bet and more importantly your mood on that specific day. So! If it is your birthday and you want to bet the world, the entire gaming set will be different than the day when you are killing time waiting for your love to meet up.

  • Player Personalization

VooFoo Studios allows players to customize a large variety of things in the game for example, you can even change the cloth pattern and the color as per your liking. If you like a flowery table cloth, go ahead and play on that one! You can also change the deck of cards, the style and pattern of chips on the table. You can also choose your own music from a wide array of genres which includes hip-hop, jazz, funk or even heavy metal for the head bangers.

The game is becoming very popular and you can effortlessly find multiplayer matches on all platforms of the game. IT is a learning for new poker players, as well as fun for the talented ones. Gamblers of all skill levels can enjoy Pure Hold’em to a great extent. In that price range, it definitely is not to be missed.


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