Rumour: Rise Of Tomb Raider coming to PS4

The XBOX One exclusive might not be so exclusive after all, that’s if the rumours are right. Rise Of The Tomb Raider is set to release on XBOX 360 and XBOX One this November. However, rumours speculate that a PS4 version could become available nearly one year later.

It’s a document by The Know which is fuelling this rumour – which states that Rise Of The Tomb Raider will become available Q4 2016, published by Square Enix.

Because this title isn’t owned by Microsoft, it seems likely that it will eventually land on the PS4, it just means XBOX fans get it earlier. What does this all mean? It’s great news if you’re a massive Tomb Raider fan – after all, it was only a week ago when it seemed as though ROTR wouldn’t be available on PS4 at all.


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