‘The Getaway’ Will Go Virutal Reality With ‘London Heist’

There are many games that PS4 fans want to be reunited with, however, one of the biggest was The Getaway. With gameplay similar to GTA, and London being the location, it offered something very special. We all knew Sony were remaking it, but perhaps not quite how we imagined.

London Heist

London Heist will basically be The Getaway 3 we all dreamed of, it’s going to be a totally new and fresh franchise from Sony, full of London gang mayhem. Why the delay? It’s going to launch with Sony’s upcoming VR headset. The E3 screenshots of London Heist came from last month’s E3, Sony even called the behind doors event ‘The Getaway’ a subtle way of telling us all that the series is back, just with a new name. Whilst we’ve got plenty to learn about this upcoming title, it looks 100 percent stunning, and a dream come true for those wanting to see the return of The Getaway.


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