Tiny Portable PS4 Projector Unveiled by Sony

If you’re on the look out for a new piece of gear to marriage with your PS4, then this new portable PS4 protector could be just that. With plenty of projectors on the market, this one is tiny, making it ultra portable and perfect for smaller rooms.

Whilst we’ve still got plenty to learn about this new gadget, a Gamescom demo was shown, which showed the game Until Dawn. The resolution will run at a reportedly 1920 x 720 and provide a screen size of up to 120-inch.

This device is set to launch October 2015, the cost is expected to be $350.

Below are a few images of the The MPCL1 projector.

MP-CL1_front-right The MPCL1 2 The MPCL1 3


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