5 Upcoming PS4 Exclusive Games That Should be Awesome

Sony showed a strong start with its 8th console generation PS4. Although its first party lineup for the latest console in 2015 is somewhat sparse, its 2016 lineup is a different game altogether. The lineup is made up of some of the greatest video games for 2016, and it’s worthwhile to acknowledge the fact that gamers should expect an eventful year on PS4 in 2016. Here is a list of the best upcoming PS4 exclusive games. Let’s take a look…

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn ps4

This game is developed by Guerilla Games, a highly creative studio that has spent the most part of the last 10 years developing Killzone titles. However, Horizon Zero Dawn is a totally new creation. It is an action role playing game (RPG) that is set 1,000 years into the future. In this futuristic time setting, civilization has already collapsed and the land is ruled by robotic dinosaurs. The player plays as an archer who is hunting these giant beasts and collects their body parts to use as tools.

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V ps4

This game surprised almost everyone when Capcom and Sony announced that the upcoming chapter of the trendiest ever fighting game streak is exclusively coming to PlayStation. The game is based on the trailer, Street Fighter V and it has not changed much from its predecessor. In fact, a good number of those who saw the footage from the trailer thought it was the actual Street Fighter IV. However, Capcom has always tried to ensure that it differentiates the installments, thus it is possible the games will be unmistakable once the SFV launches. This game is certainly perfect for fighting games enthusiasts.

Kill StrainKill Strain

Sony released Kill Strain during the PlayStation Experience event that was held in Las Vegas in 2014. It’s a free-to-play, fast, and highly captivating top-down multi-player action game developed at the company’s San Diego studios. In the 5v2v5 gameplay mode, two opposing teams of humans compete over various resources. The ultimate goal is to destroy either of each teams enemy bases while also fighting off a third team of mutants who are battling to infect the human teams and transform them into their own kind of mutated allies.

The Tomorrow Children

The Tomorrow Children ps4

The logic of this game is almost incomprehensible. On the PlayStation blog, the game’s developer, Q-Games,has described it as the story of a future that is re-imagined from the consequences of an experiment that was performed in Russia during the 60s that tried to melt all human minds into a single global consciousness. The experiment unfortunately went wrong and it ended up decimating the planet. It took 90 years for the few remaining humans to rebuild to the point where the player has been created. The player is created as a projection clone. The player’s task is to venture out into what has been dubbed ‘The Void’ to reclaim and restore the human race back to its former glory.

The gameplay appears equally tough to fully comprehend. It’s kind of like a combination between SimCity and Minecraft, with some online multiplayer components thrown in the mix for some good measure.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky ps4

When this game was unveiled at the E3 2014 event, it received an overwhelming amount of pomp. That is mainly due to the fact that the trailer depicts something that has never been seen in a game before. The trailer is based on the first-person point of view and begins in a cave, with a computer overlay describing the resources that can be exploited. The player moves out of the cave to find a beautiful colorful world that is full of unfamiliar, alien dinosaurs.

As if that is not fascinating enough, the player enters a small space craft and blasts off. The game seamlessly proceeds as the player travels through an asteroid belt and encounters an army of enemy space ships that emerge out of hyper-drive to launch an attack. The player retreats down to a different planet that looks completely different and dogfights another enemy space ship. Afterwards, the player and some other new companions fly off into space. The game’s trailer looks intriguing, but we will have to wait until it’s launched to see if the game truly delivers on the trailer’s promise.

So, 2016 is packed full of PS4 exclusive releases, these are just a tiny amount that we have looked at in detail.


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