GT Sport – An 8th Gen Game Changer for the Racing Genre

Sony are great at keeping us all in suspense, what’s more, racing fans have been waiting for the announcement of Sony’s next edition to their stellar racing franchise. There are far too many reasons as why to be excited about the announcement of GT Sport, and whilst it’s a refreshed name, this much wanted title is expected to provide a taster soon, very soon. What’s more, little was known about GT Sport, but much speculation has proved that the PS4 is ready to become the king of the racing genre.

It’s fair to say that many genres have received a huge amount of PS exclusive attention, but the racing genre wasn’t one, at least, that was until now. Speculation that it would be a VR compatible racing title proved to be true – hence the delay in announcement. With Sony’s PlayStation VR headset incoming soon, it was always expected that we’d learn more about the stellar compatible titles, GT Sport becoming the latest.

8th gen console gaming as a complete package is lacking in a variety of quality racing games, from Microsoft’s Forza for the XBOX One, to Sony’s DriveClub PS4 release. However, the real game changer was always going to be Sony’s GT franchise, and aren’t we in for a treat? The beta will be coming early next year, expect more details to be leaked at E3. The racing genre is about to hot up, rev counter bouncing, car engine on testosterone – yep, it’s the next GT.

With VR compatibility the real reason for a late announcement, it’s fantastic to see that the next GT will be coming soon to PS4.

Expect stunning weather effects, beautiful real-life sim effects, great multiplayer features, PS VR integrated features, and an overall stunning racing experience which you won’t find anywhere else, its name? GT Sport.


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