7 PS4 Accessories Under $50

On a restricted budget? Here’s 7 PS4 accessories for under $50.

Kontrol Freaks FPS Phantom

Price: $16.99

The Phantom is a set of thumb pad mods for the Dualshock 4 that can be attached quickly and easily. They have a concave face and prevent slippage from the thumb pad. These enhancements will result in a forty percent increase in your range of motion and a decrease in thumb and hand fatigue. They take the great design of the new Dualshock 4 and make it amazing. They look good, they’re cheap and they’re effective. What else could you want?

Power A Dual-shock 4 Controller Charging Station

Price: $19.96

The Power A is a wonderful charging station for a good price. I think myself and everyone else is surprised that Sony hasn’t made charging stations and integral part of the PlayStation model. There are no wires needed when charging with this station. You simply set your controller on the charging port and walk away. It can charge two controllers at a time and comes with an AC adapter so it’s portable. You don’t have to have it hooked up to your play station which is a relief. And the icing on the cake is that it requires no modifications to your system or your controller.

Copernicus Decal Controller Wraps

Price: $9.94

Custom controllers and consoles have always been a big deal in the gaming world but these have been expensive and permanent. It was a hassle to get them put on in the first place. You would normally have to send your controller in and have it wrapped or worked on or you’d have to buy a completely new controller. The Copernicus decals allow easy and cheap modification. There are dozens of options to choose from and they cost less than ten dollars. You can have several different wraps and take them off and switch them at will without the hassle.

Turtle Beach Ear Force P12

Price: $44.96

Who ever said you can’t get a good set of headphones under $50 was dead wrong. The Turtle Beach headphones are a high quality item that relies on simplicity in design to keep price down. They don’t have all the extra flashing lights most expensive headphones have but they do the same job while still looking sleek. They have comfortable, thick padding where they sit on the ear and a controller attached to the wire so that you can control, bass boost, turn the mic on and odd and control the volume. There are no extra frills but when you’re looking for a good headset or maybe a back up for the one you currently own, the Turtle Beach is the best bang for your buck.

One Year of PlayStation Plus

Price: $49.99

You may not consider this an accessory but you’re wrong. This little investment gets you big games for free every months. They have had games like Rain, God of War and Limbo. It also opens your up to more multiplayer options and you get discounts on the hottest games released for the PlayStation. If you’re the type of person who goes through games quicker than you can buy them then this is something you need. You can download games right through the store and some of the free games they offer are yours forever. It’s a really great asset and for $50 a year you can’t go wrong with all the free content you have access to.

USB Extendable Cable 10 feet

Price: $6

Sure this isn’t for PlayStation exclusively, but that makes it even more useful. The Dual-shock 4 controller is one of the best out there but it’s biggest flaw by far is it’s short battery life. With an extendable USB cable you can keep your controller hooked up constantly and not even have to worry about the battery dying. It’s a simple fix but it’s a big one.

Ortz Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan

Price: $24.99

This vertical stand affords you the space saving possibilities of any other stand but it has a few features most stands don’t. The stand is well designed and sleek with a built in fan to keep your console from over heating. It also includes two attached ports so that you can charge your controllers.


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