The Most Interesting PS4 Exclusives Coming In 2017

Just as every single year, the war between Xbox One and PS4 for exclusive titles is going strong. There are many titles that come to each console and more have been announced for the PlayStation console. There are many choices that we could make but based on research by the Institute Of Customer Service, those below are the ones that are eagerly expected by gamers from all around the world. PS4 will surely offer many exclusive games in 2017, many more than in 2016. Obviously, many have not even been announced yet so extra surprises can always appear. If you think about what exclusives to consider this year, check these out first.

2064: Read Only Memories

This game is basically an expansion of the same name game launched in 2015. Differently than the original game, the 2017 PS4 exclusive will add new puzzles, new writing and 100% full voice acting. To make it even more interesting,

Gravity Rush 2

The second instalment of the game has you control the same character as before, Kat, in an attempt to protect Hekseville, an aerial city, from really evil forces that want to destroy it.

Tales Of Berseria

The action role playing game will cover the story of Velvet, an ill-tempered character, in her journeys among the Midgand kingdom. You will even meet some nasty pirates on the way.

Yakuza 0

This is one of the most anticipated of the PS4 exclusives, a game that is going to surely generate some sales for Sony. The game is actually a prequel of the highly respected and played Yakuza series. The game is played in the year 1988. You will be playing as both Goro Majima and Kazuma Kiryu as they try to climb the ladder of the criminal underworld in Japan. Sega has a great game series in Yakuza so Yakuza 0 should be considered by gamers.


This open-ended game is a Sci-Fi dungeon crawler. It is really interesting in the graphics offered and the approach. The company behind it is also Sega and you are going to play as David, a father that tries to find his daughter. Spoiler alert: The daughter was kidnapped.


Since Dark Souls was so successful, it should come as no surprise to see so many games like it launched at the moment. Nioh is similar to Dark Souls and is placed in Japan during the Sengoku era. The only catch is that demons overwhelm everyone. If you do not know why you want to try it, all we have to say is Ninja Garden. That particularly challenging game series has the same developer as Nioh: Team Ninja. Expect the game to appear in February.

MLB The Show 17

There are generally not many exclusive games launched for consoles but baseball fans will surely love this one. The series continues and this one will offer a highly realistic experience that comes to the table with brand new interesting features. One of the very interesting aspects is that we have an RPG game mode that will let you influence baseball season.


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