PlayStation 4 Specs – What to Expect from the PS4 Console and Hardware

The PlayStation 4 is bound to impress users with its enhanced capabilities such as connected gaming, intuitive customization, advanced second-screen features, impressive speed and powerful graphics. There is indeed so much to look forward to in this new and improved gaming console by Sony, which is set to hit the market in November. Find out more about its explosive features and technical specs as presented below.

Key Facts about the PS4 Hardware Specs

Sony has reinvented its next-generation gaming console, as you can see in this list of powerful specs:

Eight-core X-86 AMD “Jaguar” CPU
500GB hard-drive
Three built-in 3.0 USB ports
8GB GDDR5 system memory
1.84 teraflop AMD-Radeon graphics
BluRay drive
HDMI, ethernet, Bluetooth 2.1, analog AV out and optical audio
802.11 b/g/n (Wi-Fi)

Initially, sources were speculating about the console’s 4GB memory with the use of GDDR5 memory that could make up for the rather slower memory (8GB) in the Xbox One. When the final word came out about PS4, though, it was announced that the PS4 has an impressive 8GB of powerful memory.

The PS4 uses the same hardware designs as the Xbox One, although the PS4 GPU contains at least 50% more compute units than what is included in the Xbox One. In fact, PS4 has a total of 1,152 compute units, which makes it much faster and more powerful than most gaming consoles in the market.As for the ports, video output and connectivity, the PS4 is well-equipped as what is expected from this latest Sony gaming console. It also comes with Ethernet port, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI output, and an output for S/PDIF that is compatible with older models of surround sound hardware.

BluRay is also a key component of the PS4, and it serves as one of the defining features of the Sony’s PlayStation system. With this component, delivering massive amounts of data used to high end games is made possible. As promised, lag time is reduced in the PS4, which means players can expect faster background downloading like never before. What’s more, Sony informs the press that it is possible to play games even while they are being downloaded.

Console Design – Sleek and Intuitive

The console looks superb with its split design found across the top and around the middle. The raked front appears quite impressive, and it is more compact than the Xbox One. Moreover, the console comes with a built-in power supply, and all the ports are neatly located on the rear. The ps4 console’s DualShock4 controller offers greater possibilities to users while providing familiar controls. It comes with enhanced dual analog sticks, as well as trigger buttons for a better sense of control. Among the controller’s astounding features include the following:

  • Share button for streaming live gameplay or uploading videos to Facebook
  • Three LED lights offer an easier way to identify player and check relevant game information
  • The touchpad, found on the controller’s top portion, enables users to interact with and play games conveniently
  • Built-in speaker allows gamers to enjoy the finest audio quality from the controller and the TV
  • Stereo headset jack lets you chat with your friends who are playing online
  • Improved shape and ergonomics for greater comfort while using the controller
  • Enhanced vibration motors for a greater sense of immersion for gamers

The PS4 also comes with a high quality camera, which allows you to add picture-in-picture videos in gameplay livestreams. In addition, this feature gives you a chance to create and share your narrated walkthroughs of the game in HD quality video. Players will certainly enjoy the highest level of immersion in the game with the 3D depth-sensing PS4 camera and the controller’s light bar that lets you track movements of players instantly. This breakthrough console also enables you to log in quickly via facial recognition, and you can navigate the system menu with voice inputs.

Bottom Line ,the PlayStation 4 gaming console was beautifully designed from the ground up, which gives game creators an opportunity to unleash their creativity and imaginations in developing the finest games. This way, players can expect the best gaming experience that they never thought was possible. With the console’s amazingly fast customized processors and high-performing 8GB system memory, the PlayStation 4 serves as your ultimate gaming system for powerful graphics and advanced features that will exceed any gamers’ expectations.


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