Ps4 and PS Vita Bundle: Rumors or Reality?

The package containing the PlayStation 4 may also contain PS Vita, despite the fact that Sony initially said that they do not plan to couple the two of them in the same packaging. However, the increased sales along with the tremendous positive feedback coming from the users seems to have made Sony change its mind. Even so, nothing is confirmed yet: they just declared that at the moment, they take into account all possibilities and they do not rule anything out. More news regarding this topic may emerge closer to the launching date.

What made Sony reconsider the PS4 bundle was the fact that PS Vita recorded increased sales following the Gamescom, especially since players can play games such as Assassin’s Creed 4 remotely from PlayStation 4 via PS Vita – this was one of the most interesting parts of the show. This PS4 bundle is highly debated at the moment, as customers have numerous requirements and, as Fegal Gara states, PS4 and PS Vita can do wonders when combined together and this is what determined the manufacturers to reconsider placing both of them in the same box. Despite the fact that the upsurge in PS Vita Sales has taken everybody by surprise, nobody can tell for sure whether or not Sony will design a box that accommodates both machines, although many things can happen until the PS4 will be launched, especially since creating such a big box is not a very demanding task.

Now that the first PlayStation 4 bundles were announced not too long ago, the focus point has switched to shops and retail partners. Different retailers have different requirements, but putting different games and machines together as a bundle is a big decision that cannot be taken over the night. They may create a soft bundle that contains the PS4, the PS Plus, the PS Vita or the Killzone or they may create a mega bundle that contains FIFA 2014 as well. Professionals from the gaming industry are open to suggestions.

The bottom line is that Sony is still in the planning stage and nobody can say what will the bundle contain, whether it will contain the so sought-after PS4 alone or if it will come along with PS Vita or any other machine. They do not eliminate any possibility, and Sony is very focused towards the retail partners and they take their opinions into account when creating this particular package.


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