PlayStation VR: The Best Virtual Gaming Experience?

The way in which we interact with games has gradually changed, take the touch screen of your favourite smartphone or tablet as a prime example. Nintendo’s Wii console brand has also received plenty of excitement thanks to its motion sensing technology. But, this year is set to become yet another tech-advancing era for gamers, not just because of the gamers, but rather, virtual reality. Yes, we’ve all been waiting for many years, but 2016 is the year it actually happens.

Gone are the days that you’d flip a magazine page to read ‘Virtual reality could transform the way we interact with video games’ – whilst a fond memory, we have now reached the point in time when this possibly actually becomes a reality. Technology seems to be pacing on like a runner participating in a marathon, however, PlayStation VR is set to be the front runner, first off the mark. The question at hand is: Can Sony repeat the current success of the PlayStation 4 with the upcoming PlayStation VR headset? Indeed, you would surely want to think so.

psvr boxGather the right ingredients and you’ll probably end up with something many people can enjoy. On the other hand, be a little too fancy, and you’ll be most likely end up restricting your market audience. Simply put, Sony seems to have the right balance, meaning they are able to appeal to the majority. Can Sony take their success with the PlayStation 4 and expand it with their VR headset? You’d be naive in thinking otherwise, after all.

Whilst cost is important, very, in fact, when it comes to a new technology, it’s the content that will be of greater importance to fans. With PlayStation leading 8th-gen for exclusive games, Sony is a sure bet to deliver the same going forward. In fact, the PlayStation 4 is currently the most powerful gaming console, combine this with PS VR, and the catalogue of games, and realistically, you’d surely opt to go the Sony route, right?

Of course, Oculus Rift, Facebook’s take on VR, will certainly have a place within the VR market. However, the demands that the consumer must require a high powdered PC are sure to eliminate the major of the initial market. Obviously, this will gradually change as prices come down and hardware becomes cheaper. But, the simple solution at hand certainly appears to be PlayStation VR. You can almost be assured that there will be fantastic exclusives to enjoy.

Simply put, PlayStation appears to be approaching this new technology in the right way. No fancy name, keeping it simple, effective, whilst also making sure it delivers the very best experience for all fans alike. So, do you think PlayStation VR will be everything we think it will be? Affordable, content-packed, comfortable, enjoyable, and, of course, a leader?


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