How Big can PS VR Become?

When it comes to 8th gen gaming, it appears clear that Sony has, to-date, provided the best all-round experience. Having the most powerful gaming console is nice, however, having access to the largest catalogue of 1080p titles is even better. Sony could sit proud claiming initial victory with regards to the competition, however, whilst this wouldn’t just be naïve, it would go against the very statement PlayStation as a brand has always stood for.

PlayStation is a brand which has evolved since 1994 and is ready to advance to the next stage. Virtual reality is likely to become very popular, and the PS4 is the perfect platform for gamers to experience the technology. It doesn’t just connect affordability with performance, but it provides the majority of new console owners with the ability to check out this stunning technology in the best form.

The Brand: PlayStation VR

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When it comes to PlayStation VR, the branding is unfussy – it does what it says on the tin, as the saying goes. For a new and relatively untested technology, it seems like a logical approach from Sony.

Virtual reality as a technology is expected to show the real limitations of a television. After all, the TV has generally become the window to viewing what the typical gaming console can provide, visually and graphically. However, VR is able to pull you in further, providing a deeper first-person take. In fact, it’s so realistic that it might just make you dizzy when riding a mountainous rollercoaster – something a TV never really could.

The Competition

oculus rift

A big question was whether Sony would find the right price range, and the answer for now seems to be a safe yes. The obvious competitor, Oculus Rift, is aimed towards a specific audience and market.  In other words, PS4 owners are unlikely to be curious about Facebook’s VR solution, but many PC owners might be ready to give Sony’s PS VR and PS4 a try, unless they own a powerhouse PC, of course.

It will be interesting to see what Nintendo have up their sleeve with their upcoming console. Obviously, we are still to learn just what the console might be capable of, virtual reality seems inevitable, after all.

Why PlayStation VR?

PlayStation VRHowever, from what’s on the table right now, PlayStation VR, looks like the obvious choice for most gamers. Why? It connects you to the best performing 8th gen console and will bring you a fantastic catalogue of games and is fairly priced. In comparison, this seems to be a win-win situation.

PS VR pre-orders are going crazy throughout Europe – initially showing that it could become the must-have accessory for a PS4 owner. Good news for those wanting to enjoy online gameplay with other gamers using the technology.

The Games

GT Sport psvr

Developers are gravitating towards Sony’s VR headset for the same reason gamers are, too. That’s why there are expected to be over 50 games available on PS VR before the end of this year. With 100s more in development, PS VR will link-up with the majority of game releases in the near future. Take for example, GT Sport, whilst you’ll play it as normal, it’s the VR mode which will immerse you.

One of the very reasons that console gaming continues to grow is: simplicity. After all, nerding out over techy terms all becomes irrelevant to the average person.


Allison Road scary

October is the month when virtual reality will become huge for PS4 owners. Yes, the month of Halloween, which means you’ll probably want to delve into the scariest virtual experiences possible upon release. Probably a good time to mention that Paranormal Activity will be arriving as a PS VR experience at some point, that’s without the mention of Allison Road (A more-or-less P.T. remake), and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. If your TV is feeling a little old school and the excitement of viewing games in a totally new way appeals, then PS VR is ready to provide you with the best alternative.


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