Pure Hold’em PS4 Game Review

Love playing Poker? Isn’t it a fun game to play with friends at a casino or a pub? But visiting one every day is not a viable option. Thanks to VooFoo Studios, for getting this realistically simulated poker game to play at the comfort of our own home. We all know Texas Hold’em, the most famous poker game loved by all poker enthusiasts. Similar to that, we have Pure Hold’em, the first poker game to enter the PS4 game world. It runs on the same rules of Texas Hold’em but this online game has loads of options to customize the game by changing the style of cards, chips etc.  Let’s take a look at what the game offers to poker lovers around the world.


The game-play of this game is smooth and fast-paced. The most outstanding fact of this game is that it gives a first-person view of the table to the player. There is a camera that keeps floating around the table as the hands are played. Other players are electronic players with images. The background of the game has a typical casino look and the soundtrack gives it a more realistic feel. Every winning hand in the game is highlighted and name of the hand is told.

The entire presentation of the game is excellent which makes you easily get into the ambience of the game, experience the mechanics it as you play.


The graphics and visuals of this game are very realistic. The game menus are designed well, making it simple for first timers to choose and select from the available options. Play an open table or play a tournament directly, as per your liking. Every table is easy to sign up and the game menu is simple and elegant, consisting of a small selection of options. You can hop onto an open table, or jump into a tournament with ease.

Small aspects like the table cloth, the table lights are given importance. Also, you can customize so many things in the game as per your liking. If you like playing on a flowery table cloth, go ahead! The choice is yours. You could change the style and pattern of chips, card decks also.  Feel the game while you earn those chips.


Perfect ambience to the game requires some soothing music. That’s what the game provides. You can choose music just like you pick the design of the game as per your liking from a large variety of genres. It gives the game a more realistic casino feel with the sound of deck shuffling, chips being stacked together.


Some find the Pure Hold’em game a little overpriced, but for poker lovers, the game price of $19.99, does not really make a hole in their pocket. Invite your friends over for this fun game and play a tournament. Keep writing your scores and collect your winnings.


Stunning Visuals No in-room chat
Soothing Music No human models playing opposite you
Customization & Personalization No option to view folded cards


If you love card games, this game is the latest cherry blossom for PS4 players. Just like with any online casino, whether you are an experienced player or you have just started playing poker, this game gives you the Texas Hold’em experience, which makes you enjoy the game along with soothing music and variety of modes.

Pure Hold’em is one of the best looking poker games available on gaming consoles right now. There are little cons to this exciting user interface this game provides to its players. Pure Hold’em is an amazing simulation of the game of Poker trying to recreate the same magic of a Casino Poker game. Yes, there is no real money involved in PlayStation, but undoubtedly there is similar thrill and excitement when you play this game.


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