Pure Hold’em World Poker Championships – Fantastic for Poker Fans

Name a genre that is completely lacklustre on any video game platform, and you’ll find that casino gaming is one. Unlike the first-person-shooter, sport, or adventure genres, poker fans are sure to feel a little disappointed. The strange thing is, the majority of casino-type games bring plenty of competitiveness and excitement to the table – so why aren’t there more? Of course, each country has different laws about gambling with real money, and this is why we are yet to see this within a console game. With that said, a game of poker, roulette, or bingo, doesn’t actually require real money to be enjoyed, and that’s evident with the release of Pure Hold’em World Poker Championships.

Pure Hold'em World Poker Championships box

Released later in 2015, Pure Hold’em World Poker Championship has become one of a kind for the reasons explained above. It’s time for you to practice your best poker face and use the best strategy to become the king of the game. A game full of skill, your decision making will need to be quick, smart and calculated. The first table you’ll play on is named the Joker table, but as you progress you’ll come across the Masters tables which are located within the VIP penthouse. When luck goes your way, you’ll have the ability to move on to another table. Things will become more challenging and exciting as you are presented with high stakes. Just like the best of bingo sites, the the real question will be: are you all in?

See the trailer below:

Have you played this game, if so, what do you think about it? Would you like the ability to play for real money, and do you think this will ever become a possibility with console games? Don’t be afraid to leave your comments below.


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