Reasons why PlayStation VR will offer the best experience to the majority of Gamers

Virtual reality is ready for take-off and promises to alter the way we are able to experience many games. The limitations of viewing a screen are about to be challenged by a few key players within this new and exciting technology. Having a first person view is something very foreign to gamers, but PlayStation VR aims to become the leader of this technology. This article takes a look at why Sony’s headset is on course to be the best option for those wanting to experience the inner worlds of games.

Sony has the price right

Finding the right balance with costings was always going to be of major importance. Gamers want something that is ultra-amazing, but at the same time, they don’t want to pay a crazy amount of money, either. Take a look at the demands Oculus Rift puts down, and it restricts the main market, Oculus is for high-end users only. Sony’s aim was: provide an awesome device at a relatively affordable price.

It will partner the best 8th-gen system

With over 35 million PS4 gamers, the market isn’t restricted, many people own a PS4. This is why Sony are able to offer a console-only compatible product, and the likes of Microsoft couldn’t. It’s sure that Sony see the launch of their VR headset as an even greater reason for more gamers to buy the PlayStation 4 console. It’s even a dilemma most PC users will face. If you own a budget or average system, should you upgrade, which could cost $100s? Or, should you get the PS4, instead? With Sony’s proven record with the PS4, it gives you more faith that their strategy will be just as good going forward with the PS4’s virtual reality companion.

The Games

Whatever the capabilities and affordability, this becomes meaningless without quality content. Taking a look at what is already available on the PS4 along with the upcoming exclusives, and you can only expect Sony to lead the way in this department. Many game developers are attached to this new technology – 100 games are expected to be available on PSVR by the end of 2016. What’s more, 250+ titles are also in the process of been made. In other words, you can be sure that there will be plenty of great content to enjoy with your shiny new hardware.

Motion Sickless (pun intended)

It’s a worry many have with this new technology, yes, motion sickness. You should note, however, that the refresh rate is important when it comes to this issue, and PSVR will, in fact, have a better refresh rate than that of the more expensive Oculus Rift. Ultimately, this should mean you are less likely to feel the effects of motion sickness. For your knowledge, PSVR will operate at 120fps (frames per second) vs. Oculus at 90fps.

PlayStation VR will be available this October with a price tag of $399. Are you excited about this exciting technology? Do you think Sony have the right mix to become the leader of VR for gamers? Feel free to leave your comments below.


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