PlayStation VR Will land in October for $399

As we have continued to learn more about Sony’s upcoming headset, and just what the competitors will also offer, today Sony unveiled that PlayStation VR will arrive this October. Perfect timing considering it’s a month full of Halloween horror – who won’t feel in the mood to try out some goosebumps raising VR experiences? Then we learned about the price, as expected, it came in at $399 or £349 – making it one of the most affordable VR headsets coming to the market. Of course, you’ll need to own a PS4 in order to use it, just as you will require a high-end PC to enjoy Facebook’s upcoming Oculus Rift.

Sony’s thought about the price is obvious, they’ve placed it in a region which many will find affordable. Take one look at the Oculus, and that is a high-end device for those with a very large budget. Sony wants to give gamers the best balance – great technology, amazing games, but all at a modest price. But, how many games will be available? Over 100 are expected to land before the end of this year, with hundreds more already in development. What’s more, Sony’s headset will have a better refresh rate, meaning motion sickness isn’t likely to be an issue unlike with the more expensive Oculus Rift.

Pre-orders will begin on Amazon this week, so keep an eye out and get ready.

Are you excited? How do you feel about the price? Comments are below.


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