The Crew 2 – Are You Ready For The Next Round Within This Racing Series?

The Crew was an interesting game with some design flaws which prevented it from achieving greatness and longevity. Ubisoft aims to correct the mistakes made, which is why this year we are going to get The Crew 2, and it’s going to be bigger, better, faster.
Let’s see what’s going to wait for us in The Crew 2.

Basic The Crew 2 info

Humongous map

The first thing you need to know about The Crew 2 is that it’s taking place on an admittedly insanely large map of the United States. Now, don’t go in expecting having to spend days to drive from one coast to the other. The Crew 2, much like its predecessor, compresses the continental US into a more manageable size, a theme-park ride through the most iconic cities and landscapes.
Therefore we’re going to get a chunk of the New York City resting just some time away from Miami or LA, we’re going to get the Grand Canyon, while the Rockies will probably start looming in the distance as soon as the massive crevice is out of your rear-view mirror.

The Crew 2 sport cars

The vehicles of The Crew 2

While the map certainly isn’t anything to sneeze at, the same could be said about the number of vehicle you’ll eventually be able to control. Where the first game had only land vehicles on offer, The Crew 2 goes two steps further, expanding the mobility to GTA-levels of diversity.

So while we’re still going to get all the cars, quads, or motorcycles the previous game gave us, and more, this time around there are also going to be planes and boats to test your skills in the ultimate off-road.

Although the specific number of vehicles in each category is undisclosed at the moment, we can expect it to be higher than in the predecessor, putting it upwards of a hundred diverse engines of transportation.

The Crew 2 gameplay

The general gameplay in The Crew 2 is going to be split between two core modes: free roam and races.

the crew2 plane acrobatics

The Crew 2 free roam switching

As far as the first one goes, it’s going to make full use of the various vehicle types, because you’ll be able to switch between them on the fly without losing speed at all. The change isn’t really going to be a dynamic metamorphosis, Transformers style, instead relies on a simple fade out-fade in type of transition, but it would probably be too distracting when you’re trying to keep your eyes on the prize. Regardless of the lack of visual flair, it will still be very entertaining to press a button and suddenly become a plane lifting off from a highway or pushing another one to see a speedboat drop from the skies onto the river below without question. One could assume it’s going to be a good way to beat top speed challenges, too.

Racing hubs and events

The Crew 2 is going to feature several “HQs” focusing on different style of driving, located in the game’s hubs/zones. There’ll be street racing, because of course, but also pro racing, off-road, and freestyle. Each hub is going to have its own leaderboard, of course, so you’ll need to work from scratch to get to the top of each one, getting cars and taking names.

It’s reasonable to assume that there will be vehicle switching within races themselves as well. Trailers ans screens suggest some visually interesting world-bending, Inception-style, facilitating the change.

The crew 2 motorcycle racing

The Crew 2 multiplayer features

Much like the first game, The Crew 2 puts a strong emphasis on multiplayer, whether competitive or cooperative. Joining up with friends to participate in the events together is going to be absurdly simple, and it might enhance the free roam a lot as well. The exploration mode is going to feel a lot like a road-trip already, having friends around to ride with you is only going to make it better.

Alternatively you can always seek challenges online, climbing the leaderboards online just as you do on your lonesome. It’s very likely that the long-lasting appeal of The Crew 2 will lie in its multiplayer features, however.

The Crew 2 trailers

Closing statements

Although we don’t know anything solid about The Crew 2’s system requirements, they are unlikely to be prohibitive. Similarly we don’t know much about the vehicle customisation, its depth and breadth, but we do know it’s going to be in there.

The Crew 2 is launching on March 16th this year, so get your life in order before sinking into its gameplay.


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