What’s next for PlayStation and its fans?

Let’s face it, 2 years is pretty old in console years these days.  With the new advances happening in technology every day it is inevitable that a new one is just around the corner.  The PlayStation 4 is closing in on the 2 year mark and it leads us to start wondering, what will the PlayStation 5 be able to do?  Full 3-D immersion headwear?  Tactile feedback?  Really intense dancing games?

The truth is we have don’t have a crystal ball here, but we can certainly speculate.  One thing is for sure, 3-D immersion headwear is coming, Oculus Rift is set to launch in quarter one of next year and if that goes as well as the manufacturer is hoping then the slightly later release date on from PlayStation of Project Morpheus will very likely go forward.  Word on the street is Sony is even getting chummy with Oculus in an effort to get us all plugged into the matrix…err I mean get us playing virtual reality videogames.  As for tactile feedback, it might be in the works, but we would have to guess that the market of people who want to feel the next Tekken game is fairly niche.  Better get on Kickstarter.

Now really intense dancing games seems a little more likely.  There you are, standing in Madison Square Garden, when a flash mob breaks out.  You have to keep up with all the sweet moves of the ladies and gents getting down around you or be booed out of New York City.  And nobody wants to do that on a VR headset.  Trust us, you just don’t.

The truth is all we can do is speculate at this point, but you can bet than when the PS5 hits the shelves we’ll be here, where we always are, poised and ready to tell you the story.

Thanks for reading, and keep on gaming.


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