When Can We Expect Gran Turismo 7?

When Sony keep quiet about something, it usually means it’s going to be something special. That’s definitely the case with GT7, in fact the only thing we do know is that Sony are making it. With the PS4 lacking slightly in the car racing genre, fans are ready to learn more. However, it was this year’s E3 which had many expecting an announcement, but this didn’t happen.

From where we are sitting, at the moment a 2016 release date would appear like the earliest we might expect GT7 to land. Although, 2017 is also a possibility, anything later wouldn’t make sense. Could Gran Turismo 7 launch alongside Sony’s upcoming VR headset? Whilst pure speculation, it would explain why Sony have kept quiet and holding back for an announcement.

It’s more-or-less impossible to think of a better racing-sim videogame series. There’s no doubting, GT7 will be a gem, and truly worth the wait. But, for now, expect next year’s E3 to be the place when we get an announcement.


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