Why are Poker Games a rarity on consoles and PS4?

Poker is one of those games which combines many factors, but it’s the competitive edge along with the skill factor that make this casino game such a hit. Currently, there is only one such notable release on the PS4, and that is Pure Hold’em. Looking back, you’ll find a few releases stemming from the original PlayStation, but nothing more than a handful of titles. The big difference now is that online gaming is in full force, something that you couldn’t say about the original PlayStation or PS2. So, that brings the question: Why isn’t there more of these type of games available?

There seems to be a false belief that casino games, such as poker, can only be enjoyed when money is involved. However, this is simply untrue. Yes, using your money will make your heart beat faster, beeds of sweat drip down from your forehead, but this mentally intensive activity can still be enjoyed at a less thrilling level without real money. You might ask, well if the game publishers slap an 18+ sticker on the box, then they could actually allow some kind of real-money feature from where player’s could operate as though they were in a casino. But, you can see why this hasn’t happened at console level. A console manufacturer sells the hardware into an international market, and therefore, a huge amount of issues at country level would be caused by allowing this. That’s not to say it might not be possible in the near future.

So, if you are wanting wanting casino or bingo games to play on the PS4, then you’re out of luck at the moment. For now, however, Pure Hold’em is sure to provide your poker fix. Perhaps Sony’s upcoming virtual reality will allow you to enter a casino experience, some developers are sure to consider this possibility.


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