How might Sony respond to the Nintendo NX?

With Nintendo seemingly busy preparing an upcoming release of their project NX console system, it would, of course, be naive for Sony not to consider how this might affect the PS4.

It’s become common knowledge that Nintendo is working on a new console – this is confirmed. The general things we don’t know are: the release date, price, and performance. You might consider these three ingredients to be of the most important when considering and discussing how an upcoming competitor might effect the PS4 console.

Recent rumours have surfaced suggesting that Sony might be working on an updated version of the PlayStation 4, and with PlayStation VR arriving soon, this makes sense. Providing game developers with the ability to produce 4K games is something that is awaiting for console gamers. For this reason alone, you cannot blame Sony for considering how they might entertain this new resolution.

Nintendo might introduce an upcoming console that is capable of producing 4K resolution, however, this is unlikely – at least initially. With that said, if Nintendo bring to the table a console that is capable of matching the PS4’s performance, combined with other interactive features, such as virtual reality, it’s at this point when consumers might consider this type of console ahead of the PS4.

Sony’s obvious reply would be to provide an updated system that can provide something better. Not just this, but exclusive features that would become available for previous owners, also allowing them access to the same 4K abilities at a non-cost, or limited cost, at best.

Obviously, current owners of their PS4 will want an easy route to having 4K capabilities, and it must not come at the cost of buying a second console. However, a simple upgrade option is sure to appeal to the majority.

For me, the PlayStation 4.5 rumours are nothing more than an upcoming console (that would never be named that anyway, perhaps PS4 Slim, maybe?), which will provide features that you’ll actually be able to enjoy from the original console, itself. Yes, you’ll need to do a few updates here and there, but the idea that you’ll need to swap your console for something better is simply ridiculous.

Ultimately, the idea that Sony would reveal a ‘PS4.5’ is nothing more than nonsense – The probability of an upcoming release of a PS4 Slim seems to be increasing likely, and whilst it could have 4K capabilities, expect your original console to also have the ability to match that grade. Sony’s obvious tactic would be to offer current console owners an easy way to upgrade their consoles to enjoy this new resolution, whilst newcomers could buy a slimmer version with the tech already built-in. That’s how Sony would respond to the Nintendo NX.


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