PS4 Proving to have the Best 8th-gen Console Exclusives

You’ve heard it before and you’ll probably read it again, Sony entered the 8th gen console boxing ring as the better performing light weight – quite literally. The heavy weight, on the other hand, has failed to deliver in the department that could have become the heavy blow – games. Sony might have held the upper hand upon release, but it’s the quality exclusive game releases that has helped Sony to become the clear leader within the 8th gen console war to-date.

When you invest in a console you hope that it will deliver on every promise. But what are these promises, exactly? Games, of course. Not just this, but quality games – those that fall within the 8-10 review ratings range. Yes, this is where the true battle is at.

We are now two years beyond the launch date, but if you were to compare the exclusive games, you’ll probably arrive at the conclusion that the PS4, has by far, the better options to-date.

The Last of Us Remastered: 95
Journey: 92
Bloodborne: 92
flower: 91

How many XBOX One exclusive games achieve an above 9 score? According to MetaCritic, none.

Not only is PlayStation VR arriving this October, but some seriously major PS4 exclusives are arriving soon.

This article wasn’t designed to bring criticism to Microsoft, but rather, show what a great job Sony has done, to-date. Of course, things will change, Nintendo are working on the NX, and the company is sure to be noting down ideas on how they can bring to the table a brand new exciting concept that can, not just battle Sony, but attract an entire new audience. As this article piece has shown, Sony has some stunning games releases so far, and more to come, but isn’t this also something Nintendo is all-to good at?

To summarise, Microsoft hasn’t delivered a stunning release, yet (according to Metacritic). Sony has a few quality titles on the table, with many more to come. Nintendo could be ready to introduce a 9th gen console, which might create a headache for Sony and a migraine for Microsoft – all speculation, of course. At this point, Sony and Nintendo fans should probably be gearing up with excitement.


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