PlayStation VR: Exciting Genres Explored

You might as well dream up ideas that are totally crazy, because VR opens a whole new and unexplored world for game developers. From horror to creativity or, sport to racing, it’s an open playing field right now. Like with any great technology, it needs content that is just as amazing, too. Without the combo, it’s a dead duck. With that said, expect new genres to open. This list takes a look at key areas that are likely to become huge at some point with PlayStation VR.

1) Horror

Watch where you look, something might jump out!

Horror PS VR

Imagine this: You sit down at Halloween and watch a gruesome movie, but what if you could be in that movie? Wow, how scary could VR bring us to the horror genre? In fact, it could be so scary that many simply avoid it. After all, it’s guaranteed to make your heart pump faster than ever imagined. Until Dawn has already shown that gaming can literally make you the decision maker within a movie plot. VR will be the next step. In fact, imagine any of your favorite horror movies, they could all have a VR re-make, which takes you on a journey a movie never could.

What’s happening?

  • Paranormal Activity is already a confirmed title for PlayStation VR

What we want to see…

  • Scream VR
  • Until Dawn VR
  • Halloween VR

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