PS4, Casino Games, and Online Gambling

As we all know, the PS4 is considered to be one of the most renowned gaming platforms today. The gaming platform gives players the possibility to play with thousands of other players all over the world through the internet. It has also managed to build the most versatile online community of gamers and keep them playing for many hours. Apart from the standard games for PS, there is an attempt at integration of casino games into PS consoles. This could be the first step towards making online casino gambling available to console gamers. The following games are the result of the attempted integration.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V

This is one of the very first console games to integrate virtual casino gameplay. Released in 2013, GTA is still among the most popular PS4 games. Its popularity is due to its casino gameplay as well as the live DLC feature, which gives players the ability to wager real money.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

This game is probably the most popular casino game on the console. Its popularity may be due to the possibility to create your own avatar from scratch and personalize it. The game allows you access to different types of casino games such as Texas Hold’em poker, blackjack, slots, roulette, bingo, and instant keno. The online multiplayer mode enables you to play other poker fans from all over the world. Players can choose to start their own tournament or they can join a tournament created by another player. Each tournament can support up to eight players.

Prominence Poker

Prominence poker gives players the ability to personalize the game according to their taste, including the design of animated avatar which represents the player at the poker table. There is a strong focus on poker, which might disappoint some players who look for diversity. However, the realistic background, the arcade gameplay, and the extraordinary three-dimensional graphics make the game really admirable.

Red Dead Redemption

While GTA V is said to have set the standard for casino gameplay on the PS4, it is probably safe to say that Red Dead Redemption has raised the bar even higher. Even though Red Dead Redemption is not an exclusively casino game, its side features allow wager placing, which has contributed to its excellent reputation.

Although these games provide a simulation of an actual casino and allow gamers to play the most popular casino games, one may claim that they are not the real deal. This is the part where gambling websites step in, as they offer the classic gambling experience where you can win or lose real money. So, the best way to go around would be to use the PS4’s web browser to access and play online casino games at NetBet and earn some real money while using the skills from playing the previously mentioned games.

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