The Scariest PS4 games to play this Halloween

Outlast 2

Outlast 2 PS4
The much awaited sequel for the popular PC game, Outlast 2 is expected to be released this winter on Playstation4. The original Outlast, a brainchild of creators Red Berries, featured the protagonist as an investigative journalist who sets about the Mount Massive Asylum, and finds a dying SWAT officer who claims that the ‘Variants’ did this to him.

The player must venture through a number of dinghy, unlit areas, including the ward, the Prison block and many others, all the while knowing not if the next door has an enemy behind. There are a number of entities that the player faces, all with their own abilities and weapons, which mean he must take time to understand and deal with accordingly.

Outlast 2 promises to bring even greater horror and environment to the original game, and critics have given very positive feedback on the first installment, thereby making the sequel an eagerly awaited game for the creepy season.

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